New Teachers Collaborative Program Overview

Learn to teach by teaching in small, progressive schools! Start your middle or secondary (grades 5-12) school teaching career by working and learning in schools designed to foster the habits and skills of critical thinking, collaborative inquiry, and reflection, where students are known well.

Our educator preparation program offers:

  • A post-Baccalaureate apprenticeship. Grounded in teacher collaboration and reflective practice, NTC is an approved MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education teacher preparation program that culminates in Initial Licensure. From the very first day, you are a professional, working alongside experienced teachers to develop your practice by engaging in relevant experiences with real students.
  • A stimulating cohort. Candidates hold strong college backgrounds in math, science, arts and humanities, English, Spanish, history and social sciences, physical education, technical training, and life experiences. Candidates enter the program from undergraduate preparation, gap year, or other careers. The cohort meets one Wednesday and two Tuesday afternoon/evenings a month in seminars around relevant issues in teaching and learning that are immediately applicable in the classroom.
  • On-going coaching and support. Through strong program faculty, experienced colleagues, consistent feedback, and close mentoring, you will engage with teams of teachers in professional collaborative inquiry around instruction, curriculum and assessment.
  • A year-long pathway to a successful teaching career. In summer sessions and one academic year, you will learn to how to teach by teaching, joining the faculty of public schools in Massachusetts in a program guided by the Ten Common Principles of the Coalition of Essential Schools.
  • Financial incentives. You pay no tuition and receive a living stipend and essential benefits. Books and materials are provided through NTC.
  • Graduate Credit. Through our partnership with Fitchburg State University, you are eligible to earn up to 15 graduate credits upon successful completion of our program.


Acceptance to the program and placements are made on a rolling basis.

The New Teachers Collaborative is based at the Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School/Theodore R. Sizer Teachers Center in Devens, MA. For more information about and application details click here.

2023 NTC Flyer

Photograph of Ruth Whalen Crockett
Ruth Whalen Crockett
Director, New Teachers Collaborative

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